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The Michigan State Board of Education recently approved changing the MEAP Writing
assessment from an annual assessment in grades 3-8 to testing in grades 4 and 7 only.
Field testing of the new assessment will be conducted in Fall 2009 and will become
operational in Fall 2010. The new MEAP Writing assessment will be a longer, more
comprehensive writing assessment that measures a broader range of writing grade-level
content standards, thereby improving the reliability of the assessment.

A Writing Assessment Advisory Committee was convened to discuss the test design. The Committee recommended the following, to be implemented starting in Fall 2009:

1. Keep “Writing from Knowledge and Experience” with the 6-point rubric (W.PR.03.01or W.PR.06.01)
  • Limit the options to two narrative suggestions
  • Keep the statement that allows the student to write about the theme “in their own way,” in case the first two options do not appeal to the student
  • Add some feature-based scoring component (essentially transforming Comment Codes into points)

2. Increase the “Revising and Editing the Student Writing Sample” multiple-choice items from 13 to 16 to increase reliability and to assess more GLCEs

3. Keep the “Peer Response to the Student Writing Sample” with the 4-point rubric (PR.03.04 or PR.06.03)
  • Ask students in grades 4 and 7 the same question. “What could the writer do to improve this sample?” (Since the samples vary, the responses will differ. The highest points will be awarded for specific suggestions about how to improve the sample compared to a formulaic response.)
  • Add a feature-based scoring component

4. Add an informational writing constructed response that focuses on organizational text structures with a 5-point rubric (W.GN.03.03 or W.GN.06.03)
  • Grade 4 students write a comparison piece
  • Grade 7 students write a cause/effect piece
  • Add a feature-based scoring component